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New Apple Patent Depicts iPod Nano Charging Through Its Clip

A new patent has surface titled “Portable User Device with a Clip Having Electrical Thermals,” which shows an iPod Nano-type device that syncs and charges straight through its clip…

This would certainly be an interesting implementation. Apple recently applied for the patent, and honestly I could see this really happening. I mean the darn 30-pin connector is almost as big as the current generation iPod Nano.

Furthermore, the iPod Shuffle which is about the same size, has no 30-pin connector and just syncs through the 3.5mm TRSS jack to USB. But if this patent is true it would completely destroy rumors of a redesigned iPod Nano.

Check out the redesigned iPod Nano and answer me this; Which would you prefer, a longer iPod Nano, or one with cool built-in tech like this?

Source: Free Patents Online via Apple Insider

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