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Macworld | iWorld 2012 – WritePad – Interactive NotePad for your iOS Device

Macworld / iWorld 2012 is here and today I’d like to tell you about Writepad, an app I was just introduced to. This is an app that has been out for some time now. Though, I was informed they have been updating the app to better suite their customers.

First off, if you didn’t already know, this app is a tool that allows you to use a stylus on the display of your device to write documents in a notepad.

Some of the features in the app include, but are not limited to, multiple language capabilities, and like Siri, gets to know you on a more personal level. This app also has hand recognition including, writing in cursive. Writepad also includes special shortcut features to make the app more easily accessible and did I mention you can write anywhere on the screen? Yeah, pretty cool! I also want to mention that this app has a built in text translator which might come in handy when traveling. Writepad not only eliminates the use for finger texting, but also can help children learn how to write by allowing them to trace the letters of the alphabet.

This is great in allowing an iOS device to be a new tool for educating your young children in literacy skills. You might be saying to yourself, well I am a horrible speller, no worries, the app comes equipped with an in app text editor. And if that’s not enough, you could even transfer your file over WiFi to another iOS device or your desktop computer for further editing.

One other perk about Writepad that I found to be notable was the mathematics capabilities within. Yes, this app is enabled with solving mathematics equations. Keep in mind that the app can only solve simple equations, however. For instance, when you write, 23 * 16 =, the app then writes out, 23 * 16 = 368. So if for a second you thought this may be a great way to get out of doing your math homework, im sorry, you just might want to check out WolframAlpha.

All in all this app is a great new tool to utilize your iOS device to its fullest potential and I recommend you to check it out for yourself. I am told this application is $3.99 for a limited time. Also extra languages are available for $1.99, which you can purchase within the app. For further information on this app you can check out the app store by searching Writepad or check out their website at

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