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Live In Tennessee? Now You Can Renew Your Drivers License On An iPad

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security recently took popular technology into their own hands and installed 72 iPad kiosks around the state in 26 different locations. The iPad kiosks allow for a quicker and easier way for residents to renew their license without the wait…

The whole operation and setup ran up a bill of $80,000, but it hopes to decrease wait times for people at the many DMV locations. The department named the kiosks “ASSETS”  (automatic self-service electronic terminals). The iPads will run a custom application that allows the user to renew and pay for their license electronically.

When the payment is complete, the new license will be available almost instantly. Commissioner Bill Gibbons from the department is confident the ASSETS kiosks will greatly improve their performance.

Reducing the wait time at driver service centers is one of our top priorities. These self-service iPad stations will cut down on the number of customers waiting for service from a driver license examiner and will help reduce the overall wait time for all customers.

I wonder if someone will have the guts to try and jailbreak one…

The kiosks currently allow for basic changes like new addresses and license reinstatement, but the department hopes to expand that to other services in the future.

Source: Tennessee Government via Cult of Mac

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