LifeProof “In Motion” Review – Belt Clip and Bike Mount for iPhone

LifeProof took the iPhone world by storm with their rugged and slim waterproof cases. LifeProof cases are strong and built to protect your iPhone from whatever life may bring. This year LifeProof announced their “LifeProof In Motion” Accessories.

These accessories include a Bike mount, Belt clip, Armband, and GoPro Attachment. The new accessory line really adds another level of style and protection to your iPhone!

I had the chance to review the Bike mount and the Belt clip and let me say, these are a perfect match for the LifeProof Case. They are high quality and rugged clips that you can completely trust your iPhone with.

All the clips include a locking feature which will hold your iPhone in place throughout the toughest moments in life. What I really liked about both the Bike mount and Belt clip was the ability to rotate the iPhone between portrait and landscape positions.

The Belt clip gives you the option of choosing either a 1.5″ clip or a 2″ clip depending on your preference. The Bike mount also has several rubber adapters to assure it will fit a wide variety of bike handles.

All of the LifeProof in Motion Accessories are available now.

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  • Boyd Hutton

    Do NOT purchase the LifeProof bike and bar mount for the iPhone 5 unless you enjoy watching your smartphone skid across the road into oncoming traffic. At the slightest bump or vibrations the clamp will eject your phone from the mount.

    I’m guessing they felt confident enough with their mount for the iPhone 4 and just lengthened it without actually testing it out. Unfortunately, it’s too flexy and flimsy to maintain proper clamping force to hold the phone in place.

    Mine ejected the LifeProof cased phone 3 times the first ride out before the fatal instance in which a car in oncoming traffic ran over my phone. The mount for the iPhone 5 is not worth trusting your phone with.

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