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Best iPhone Case 2011 – LIFEPROOF iPhone 4 / 4S Case Review and Demo – Waterproof your iPhone!

This week I had the awesome opportunity to demo and review an iPhone case called LIFEPROOF. This case is damn near “anythingproof”. I have to say I was quite impressed with the build quality of the case, and the packaging it came in. The LIFEPROOF case itself isn’t really any thicker than a regular iPhone case you’d buy from the mall… BUT THIS ONE IS LIFEPROOF! Not to mention the case comes with a built in screen protector! This case definitely makes my list of “Things to buy for your new iPhone”. Forget other “protective” bulky cases you’ve seen around… LIFEPROOF is Sleek and super protective against the elements of life.


Check out the Video Below…



Now you may be wondering what that means, well here’s a rundown on the “four proofs”:


  • WaterProof (Swim, Surf, Rain, Drinks)
  • SnowProof (Ice, Snow, Sleet, Cold)
  • DirtProof (Dust, Sand, Grit, Mud)
  • ShockProof (Drops, Knocks, Tumbles)

You can use this case to take your phone for a swim and shoot some cool underwater video or pictures! You can take it surfing and with a “swimming adapter” and some slick waterproof headphones, rock some waves while you rock out! Overall I found this case to be one of the thinnest most protective iPhone cases I have ever owned. That being said, go check it out! The only downsides I saw to this case were the inability to dock your phone on most any dock connectors, but they do have a solution to this on their website for a small price you can buy an “extender”. I also found it tedious to screw in the headphone adapter to plug in headphones or an auxiliary cable all the time. But overall it’s almost worth going through a little more just knowing your phone is very safe from just about anything! Go check out LIFEPROOF’s website at the link below!
Thanks again guys!
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