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[Rumor] Is iPad 3 is Actually Called iPad HD?

So countless times we have heard the name iPad 3 referenced that it has almost been engraved into our skull. But what if the next iPad actually was called something completely different? How about iPad HD?

Well some rumors have been flying around today that seem to claim that Apple’s nex-gen iPad will indeed bear the name “iPad HD”. Gizmodo weighed in on the topic with a “leaked” photo of what appears to be an inventory listing for the mass Apple accessory manufacturer Griffin. This company makes tons of accessories for Apple products. So maybe they have know all the specs and the name for a while now. Well check out the screenshot below.

Since Griffin does make so many accessories for Apple on such a large scale, maybe they do know… Or maybe this is just a code name they were using. You be the judge. Though adding “HD” to the end of a device doesn’t seem like Apple’s style. Not only would it break tradition of their naming pattern, but it just doesn’t sound right. But on the other hand, it would line up with the “high def” resolution the new iPad is expected to have.

iPad HD Anyone?

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