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Wanna Know What Games Will Look Like on the iPad 3?

If the rumors are true, the next iPad will feature a sharp looking Retina display.

While some may not care for this luxury, it will certainly take gaming graphics to a new level of greatness.

This is going to be a massive improvement in graphics like we initially saw when the iPhone 4 came out with a Retina display. The graphics include twice the amount of pixels in the same space. The result is a gorgeous looking sharp picture. But this is really something you have to “see to believe”.

The good news is that recently game developer Pixels on Toast jumped the gun and started up-scaling their upcoming game Food Run to sport some snazzy sharp iPad Retina graphics. The result is awesome and really shows the difference between the new tablet and the iPad 2.

iPad 2 VS iPad 3...

As you can see there is a big different in the clarity of the graphics between the two images. Now imagine this clarity on everything you see on the new iPad. The only downside to an upgrade like this is that the size of applications and games are now going to have to increase to make room for the new improved graphics.

I can see this potentially meaning less universal apps. I say this because right now when you download a universal app it’s compatible with the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and non-Retina devices. Now we’re adding another device into the equation. So unless you have jailbreak and can download apps over 20MB (depending on your carrier), this could possibly mean that you’d have to be connected to WiFi to download many different apps.

This obviously wouldn’t be a logical solution. So I wouldn’t be shocked if we start seeing less universal apps due to this, or simply because it could be a marketing ploy for developers to cash in a little more selling “iPad 3” specific apps. (Super HD??)

Would you buy separate apps for a “Super HD” experience?

Source: TechCrunch

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