iPad Ship Times Now 2-3 Weeks Out!

It’s no surprise that the new iPad is doing so well. The massive hype packed behind any Apple release is sure to drive sales. The new iPad is no different.

The demand has been “off the charts“, and we’re still 4 days out from the official launch day and already there’s been a huge slip in the ship times. According to Apple’s website, the earliest you can expect to get a new iPad shipped is now 2-3 Weeks!

So like we’ve constantly stressed, If you’re planning on picking up a new iPad on March 16th, I’d go start waiting in line as soon as possible. You wouldn’t be the first to start an early line, as we noted in an article here.

Either way it looks like March 16th at the Apple Store is going to worse than Black Friday.

Are you planning on waiting in line?

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