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iOS Devices Jumping Time Zones During DST Switch

Did your iPhone or iDevice have the wrong time this morning? If so you’ve been infected by DST, Daylight Savings Time that is… iOS is no stranger to screwing up when DST rolls around. Handfuls of users have had problems with this issue in the past, and today is no different.

I normally don’t even remember when DST starts or ends due to the fact that I live in Arizona which happens to be the only place that doesn’t roll the clock forward or backward an hour. But non-the-less, even someone in a state which doesn’t use DST was affected by it.

Funny story… My Wife woke up this morning an hour before she had “set” her alarm to get up for work. She walked out and was asking me why all the clocks were an hour off. I told her she was crazy until I looked into the situation. Apparently her clocks timezone was stuck on “Denver, CO”. The only way I could seem to fix it at the time was to set it manually.

Well after some thinking, I found that a simple “reboot” solved the issue. While it’s a little too late to “pre-warn” you about this issue, It would be a good idea to double check your devices time especially if you use it as your primary alarm clock like my Wife.

It’s rather funny how Apple, the most technologically advanced “post-PC” billion dollar company can make all these amazing products with features beyond our wildest dreams, yet flops on the simple idea of time.

I guess if that’s the trade-off, I can live with it…

Did your iDevice shift time zones?

Source: TUAW

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