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iOS 6 New Features: No Password Required For Downloading Free Apps

Are you sick of entering your Apple ID’s password every time you download an app? If so you may find it handy that iOS 6 doesn’t require this from free apps…

The most recent discovery in iOS 6 is that when downloading free apps, the App Store will not prompt you to enter a password. The same rule goes for updating apps as well. It always bothered me that this was a requirement. Why do I need to enter a password for something free?

Overall I believe it’s these little features that make future software releases all the better. I know this is going to save me a little frustration here and there.

What do you think?

Source: Reddit via Cult of Mac

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  • Nathanael

    I like it!!! Yes, I do agree with agree with the part about requiring a password for paid apps, so that other people on Your iPad, iPod touch, etc they will have to go to you for the password so you can look over the app before it is downloaded. I love it.

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