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iOS 5 — New Features / Tips – Open the Camera from the “Lock” Screen!

In this video I want to show you guys how to use the “native” Emoji keyboard in iOS 5. This is a really creative way to express emotions in text messages. Before now there were only standalone apps available to get this effect. Since the release of iOS 5 it has now been integrated within the framework and now you can switch to the Emoticon or “Emoji” keyboard right on the virtual keyboard in your messages! This is leaps beyond the trouble it was to make this happen. Who needs an “app for that” when it’s built right in. That’s right Apple is totally doing everything right, giving us what we want.

Personally, I love them for that and I think it’s a GREAT idea! Hope this video helps clear up any confusion. Thanks for watching guys, please subscribe and comment if you wish. If you learn to use the keyboard, send me an emoticon on iMessage! Thanks all!

Pretty neat eh?

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