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iOS 5 – New Features / Tips – FaceTime with iMessage! Tutorial – iPhone 4S / 4 / iPad or iPod

Want to use Facetime with the people you iMessage. Well this may be obvious to some, but if you don’t know you can FaceTime free of charge to anyone in the world! You can also do it right from an iMessage. I will show you this simple way of doing this. (the only way heh). This was very awkward lol.. I did it with someone from Egypt that iMessage’d me because of my iMessage video tutorial. Kinda comical though.. But hopefully this will help those of you with any questions.

If anyone has any ideas on videos they want me to make please let me know I will do my best to respond to all of you. I love this new version of iOS. Apple really has done big things with this one!

Have you used FaceTime yet?

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