iOS 5.1 Integrates Yelp App Links for Siri

Earlier this month Apple released iOS 5.1 with some minor changes and Japanese support for Siri. But it looks like they forgot to mention one other feature…

Siri has always returned Yelp-rated business information within searches but never before had any real integration. Now when you click on a business listing searched for using Siri, the Yelp app will open.

This makes it a lot easier to read reviews, make reservations, and more. Before you’d have to search with Siri, then open Yelp and manually search once more.

Yelp explains the update on its blog:

Well, last week, Apple launched iOS 5.1 and with it, an updated Siri and Yelp integration on iPhone. Now when searching for a recommendation on local businesses, Siri will return Yelp-reviewed businesses and when you tap the star rating (BOOM!) you are immediately taken to the Yelp business profile page. Oh, the places you’ll go… now that you’ll have faster access to Yelp review highlights, quick tips, hours of operation, address, phone number, photos — the list goes on.

Now adding Yelp integration may not seem like much but this just give us a preview of what Apple is willing to do in relation to Siri and 3rd party apps. This may be a small step, but it’s in the right direction.

Do you use Yelp?

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