[Exclusive] Illumination Kit V2 from LightMyiPhone.com – Pre Sales Start Monday! (Updated)

Meet the NEW illumination iPhone kit from LightMyiPhone.com!

This kit is much easier to install and has many other great features! The first version of the light mod was excellent and we even did a couple install tutorials for the different iPhone models. But this new improved kit looks like it will reign supreme over all existing light-mod kits.

There hasn’t been a specific price mentioned yet, but pre-orders for this improved version start on Monday according to the guys from LightMyiPhone. We’ll keep you updated on the status of this awesome new kit! Check out the video!

Here’s a list of the new V2 Illumination Kit features:

  • Light pad has 6 LEDs and cleaner defuser
  • Light pad is 50% thinner than the current
  • Light Pad has a direct link to the LCD on a printed flex cable (no wires)
  • Installation is much easier and faster
  • Light will only turn on while the screen is on
  • Light will DIM as the light DIMs from the light sensor
  • Back panel has improved glass
  • Back panel has additional support material
  • Back panel has improved anchor hooks for a tighter fit

Update: According to the guys at lightmyiphone.com, they’re thinking it will cost about $60. Pretty awesome.

What do you think about the improved light mod?

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