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“I Believe In a Thing Called Love!!!!” Samsung’s Super Bowl ad for Galaxy Note pokes fun at iPhone users

“Yes it’s got a pen!” says the new Samsung Galaxy Note ad that was aired during the Super Bowl last night.  The pen I am referring to is the stylus that Samsung is promoting comes with their new smartphone.

Now I’m an Apple kind of guy, (as you can probably tell by the title of my website and I despise the corporate marketing mindset of most companies that believe in over-promising ads and under-delivering products but damn what an awesome commercial!

Samsung’s new ad for the Galaxy note which sports a ginormous 5.3 inch  WXGA (1280 x 800) screen, 1.4GHz dual core processor, 16GB Internal memory + microSD (up to 32GB) and supports 4G LTE networks, was directed by Bobby Farrelly who directed classics such as “Dumb and Dumber”, “KingPin”, and “There’s Something About Mary.”  The ad features British rock Band The Darkness singing their 2003 hit “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” along with 50 Apple customer waiting in a slow moving line in front of an Apple Store.  The Darkness who is a kick ass 80’s rock band slingshot into the future by “Father Time” to rock us all has been relatively unheard of in American Pop culture since the release of their hit album “Permission To Land”  in 2003.

MacRumors reported that Samsung’s head of marketing confirmed that Samsung is directly targeting Apple.

“Especially in U.S., people are obsessed with Apple,” Lee said, in a lengthy interview at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. “It’s time to change people’s attention.”

While this ad was was definitely one of the best ads during the big game last night the stylus they are promoting with it is overkill. I am in agreement with Steve Jobs when he so famously proclaimed, “if you see a stylus they blew it.”   Whether the late Mr. Jobs was wrong or right it is clear that Samsung has it’s work cut out for them especially after Apple released their Q1 earnings report earlier this month that revealed 46.3 billion in revenue and 13.06 billion in profits both record numbers.


What did you think about Samsung’s Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad?  Do you think their approach of poking fun at  Apple customers will work?

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