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[How To] Replace An Optical Drive With A Hard Drive Or SSD In A MacBook Pro

So you really wanted to buy the Retina MacBook, but didn’t have the extra cash to spend right? Well thanks to this tutorial you can now remove the silly optical drive to be just like the expensive Retina Model, except this method give you a second hard drive or solid state drive…

Today we are going over replacing your MacBook’s optical drive with a Hard Drive or SSD. You will need a special Caddy to perform this installation. The process is rather simple, but please follow the instructions and read the warning below…

Check out the video. The links for the Hard Drive Caddy are below.

WARNING: This is not a repair or procedure Apple stands behind. Though it’s completely reversible, it will void Apple Care. Should you damage anything in the process it will also void Apple Care, so BE CAREFUL! I highly¬† recommend putting your optical drive back in before taking your MacBook to an Apple Store for different problems or other maintenance. Out of sight, out of mind.

This tutorial is provided for educational and instructional purposes. cannot be held responsible for any damage you may incur from this process. Proceed at your own risk. This is not recommended for beginners or people unfamiliar with the internal components of a MacBook.

That being said, the whole operation is really easy. Unscrew some stuff, remove a couple cables, and your set to go. Be very careful when handling the cables and components inside your MacBook.

If your interested in a less intrusive upgrade that Apple actually allows (and has instructions for on their website), check out the recommended tutorials below.

Happy modding!

Buy a hard drive Caddy here

Buy a solid state drive here

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