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Happy Birthday iPad!

Did you know it’s been two years since the release of first iPad? It’s crazy to think how little time has passed, yet how much technology has evolved. The Apple iPad was first announced by Steve Jobs on January 27, 2010. Though the actual release didn’t happen for about two months after that…

Those famous words, β€œAnd we call it, the iPad.”, will forever go down in history. I have to say before embedding the video below, I browsed through it to queue up the quote I just mentioned, and accidentally sat through the whole hour and a half, reliving that great moment! I’d highly recommend doing that if you have the time. It just shows you how awesome Apple was and still is…

The iPad has really changed the world and revolutionized at least one aspect of it’s users lives. It’s quite an amazing innovation in technology. Many people criticized it, calling it nothing more than an “over-sized iPod“. Apple sure did prove them wrong by selling 300,000 iPads on launch day…

Here we are two years later, almost a month shy of the new iPads release. Who’s laughing now? The iPad has been a tremendous success. And though many (including me) may hate Apple’s predictable incremental yearly upgrades, it’s still the best tablet on the market and continues to change the world one touch at a time. I truly believe Apple started the “tablet wave”. The iPad currently holds 60% of the Market and it’s increasingly growing.

In fact, Apple sold three million iPads within the first three days of launching the new iPad. Pretty impressive numbers if you ask me…

My point here is that the iPad has woven it’s way into society and it’s here to stay. In the last two years you’ve seen many successes iPad here’s to another ten!

Happy Birthday iPad! πŸ™‚

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