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Google Chrome is “Definitely” Coming to iOS

This title may not come as a shocker to many, but it looks like Google Chrome may be hitting an iOS Device near you. Google Chrome has grown to become one of the more popular browsers today, so it’s no surprise that Google would try to dominate iOS as well. But can they really compete with Safari for iOS?

Honestly, Safari is nothing special. I wish there was a more feature packed browser for my iPhone / iPad. Analyst Ben Schacter of Macquarie says, “Google Chrome browser for iOS is coming,” and that “Apple may already be reviewing Google’s submitted code.” This would be bad news for Apple if Chrome takes off on iOS as it has on PCs and Macs.

The new iOS browser is expected to launch by the end of this quarter. If that doesn’t happen it will definitely be out sometime later this year. Perhaps Google wants to play on new features included in iOS 6. If Apple is planning on stepping up Safari in iOS 6, Google may want to hold off on releasing something that could possible fail next to a Safari update.

Safari is pretty popular when it comes to iOS browsers so in order to get the maximum conversion rate for Google, they’d have to be way ahead of Safari in features and useability.

Apple currently gets a cut from Google for searches made through Safari. Apparently around 50%-60% according to Business Insider. Apple literally makes millions a year from Google searches and if Chrome takes off that will obviously cut into Apple’s earnings.

Hopefully Chrome won’t completely fail like we’ve seen so many other Google apps such as Gmail for iOS. I think Chrome is a great browser and I’d love to see something with a bit more features than Safari. Don’t get me wrong Safari is great, just wish it was a bit more like it’s desktop counterpart.

What do you think?

Source: Business Insider

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