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[Video] Get Rid Of An App’s Status Bar With NoAppStatus – No Jailbreak Required

There has been a lot of tweaks lately for devices without a jailbreak. It seems that since there’s no jailbreak for iOS 6 available, people have taken iOS customization to a new level by figuring out clever hacks. NoAppStatus is the latest addition to these hacks and it’s available now on

NoAppStatus will allow you to remove the iOS status bar in nearly any app with a built-in Web browser. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tweetbot, Google Chrome, etc. Any app that can access, can have the status bar removed. It’s a pretty neat little jailbreak-free trick.

This has only been tested (and only seems to work) on the iPhone 5 and fifth generation iPod touch, but it definitely does work. Check out the video overview above to find out how to use NoAppStatus.

If you’d like to remove the status bar in your apps, simply navigate to from an app’s built-in Web browser and tap on NoAppStatus. You app can become full screen by simply pressing the home button on your device and returning to the app. If that doesn’t work, try rotating the device once.

Post a tweet or message on Facebook with the link, tap on it, and give it a shot. As always, let me know what you think about NoAppStatus in the comments!

Be sure to read my full article over at AppAdvice.

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