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Everything about Steve Jobs was Clean, Even His Speech Notes…

The photograph you see above is a historical picture. This single photo marked the change of technology, and the advancement that took Apple to bigger and better places. This ultimately led to the products we know and love today…

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs brought the above notes with him to the original iPhone keynote. This keynote definitely changed the world and redefined the smartphone. The notes look absolutely perfect. Not surprising though, as Steve Jobs would settle for nothing less. Everything about the podium was perfect, all the way down to the even spacing between the devices below.

There isn’t even much printed on the pages. All of this could have fit on a written 3×5 index card, but Jobs doesn’t roll like that. Everything had to be typed, organized, stylized, simple, yet functional. The simple need for a perfected keynote speech outline is exactly why Apple is a perfection based company. It’s why everything “just works”, and does it very well…

Oh yeah and the three devices you see below are iPhones with a special attachment that allowed Steve Job to display the iPhone on the big screen behind him. Obviously he only used on of them. But I’d imagine when demoing a new product, you wanna have a couple backups.

Source: Cult of Mac via Wahaha

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