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Confirmed: iPhoto For iPad

It has been confirmed, the New iPad now has iPhoto.

According to Phil Schiller:

“Why do it need iPhoto for iPad? If you’re someone who truly loves photos, that’s what it’s for.”

iPhoto for the iPad will have all the capability that iPhoto for Mac has.  You can even send photos from device to device i.e. from iPhone to iPad. In fact iPhoto for iPad is more advanced that iPhoto for Mac.  iPhoto for the iPad for example can adjust specific parts of a picture just by tapping on them.  All of you edits  are handled non-destructively, and you can go back to the original image at anytime.

Creating new photo albums is also pretty cool.  With similarity to Flipboard, new albums can be laid out with different sized spaces all fit together like window tiles.  Also you can add notes, location, maps and even the weather.  Pretty Cool!

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