Best iPhone Apps – Auto-Tune Phone – Make Phone Calls with AutoTune on your Voice!!

So this week I had the opportunity to call all of my friends with Auto-Tune using Auto-Tune Phone. This app is made in part by the guys at Antares who actually invented Auto-Tune and New Hula. Honestly it’s the most fun I’ve ever had making phone calls. It’s so comical and will definitely impress your friends. The app slightly resembles your regular dialer app and allows you to dial numbers or search through your contacts to make calls.

Once you’ve found the number you want to call, you can chose to either Tune yourself, or Tune both you and your unsuspecting caller. The AWESOME part about tuning both you and your friend is they can’t hear the Auto-Tune at all!! I don’t think I have ever had so much fun ordering a pizza, or calling my mother.

Auto-Tune Phone also allows you to record and save your conversations. From there you can SMS, Tweet, or FaceBook to share them with your friends or even your unsuspecting Auto-Tuned victim. The app itself uses “minutes” to be able to call others. The entire call is routed from your phone, to the clouds, where the Auto-Tune is processed and applied to your voice. Then routed to your caller with YOUR number as the caller ID. So when you initially buy the app you receive 20 minutes of talk-time. After those minutes are gone, you have the ability to purchase additional minutes at a SUPER low price.

The calls can work over WiFi or 3G if your carrier allows you. But overall I found the minutes were very inexpensive even if you planned on using this as your only source of calling. But obviously the app was crafted for “fun” purposes and I doubt anyone will be making any long distance calls to grandma for and extended period of time using the app. I think this is a GREAT app and encourage you to go try it out its only 1.99! It’s compatible with iPhone and iPod.

Thanks again guys!

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