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Apple To Introduce Wireless Charging This Year?

A new report rumor from DigiTimes states that both Apple and Samsung have plans to introduce wireless charging solutions this year. This implementation is said to happen across the company’s “flagship models,” but is wireless really all that great?

DigiTimes reports:

Apple is likely to adopt the wireless charging technology developed internally, but it remains unknown if the next-generation iPhone will come with built-in wireless charging capability or with other attached accessories, said the sources.

I’m not sure I would care too much for wireless charging. The “wireless” charger portion still needs to be plugged into the wall, so it’s not completely wireless. Also, the iPhone would more than likely have to be placed on top on this wireless charging unit.

Apple has been looking into wireless charging, but is it really that convenient? People were all about PowerMat cases for a while, but it seems like that fad is fading a bit. I get it, inductive charging is cool, but it’s not that much more convenient than the Lightning speaker dock I have or the charging cable on the floor next to my bed.

I’ll care more about wireless charging when I can be sitting anywhere in my house while my iPhone charges itself in my pocket. Even then, what’s the point of having a battery to charge if it’s always charging? Seems as if this technology is in limbo. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what these companies come up with if these rumors end up being true.

Source: DigiTimes via MacRumors

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