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Apple To Hold Annual ShareHolder Meeting Tomorrow

Apple is holding it’s annual AAPL shareholder’s meeting tomorrow at the companies headquarters in Cupertino, CA where the company has encouraged all investors to attend.   Some of the concerns that Apple will be addressing with their shareholders are the recent iPad trademark battle in China  , the unprecedented factory audit of Apple manufacturer Foxconn, and the question of potential stock dividends.

Tomorrow’s meeting comes up just days after a share of Apple stock soared to a new high of $526.29 before receding slightly.  In the past seven weeks Apple shares have seen a scorching rally gaining a $100 US rocketing Apple into the top spot as America’s number one company.

We have heard rumors of dividend payouts during the last couple of months, and Apple has stated that it’s taking into consideration such shareholder options. Given that the company has just under a $100 billion bucks in cash on hand, investors are starting to ask themselves how Apple can continue to not let its funds “burn a hole in its pocket.”

But as much as Apple shares soar, working conditions at the company’s contracted manufacturer’s  in China have also made headlines this year.  And with the recent iPad trademark battle in China new Apple CEO Tim Cook will have some important questions to answer to shareholders.

You can see 2011’s Annual Meeting Of Shareholders by checking out this PDF.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for macmixing’s report on Apple’s annual shareholders meeting and what took place.


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