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Apple Retail Stores Make $6000 Per Square Foot

It’s no mystery that Apple products are a bit more expensive than its competitors. When you buy an Apple product, you expect the best and most always get it. What does Apple get? A crap ton of profit.

Fortune relays a new report from RetailSales showing that Apple has made over $6000 per square foot this year topping high end retail chains like Tiffany & Co. That’s an insane amount of money, but it’s not really that shocking. Apple not only makes high quality products, but is also filled with marketing experts.

As you can see in the image above, Apple tops all other large retail chains. And more than doubles the amount made by Tiffany & Co. Cupertino has had a 7.5 percent growth in sales per square foot over last year’s report. Funny thing is, many are saying that Apple has reached its peak … Then why do they keep growing?

Source: RetailSales via Fortune / MacRumors

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