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Apple Looking To Make It Easier For Non-Programmers To Build iOS Apps

AppleInsider made an interesting patent application submitted by Apple on December 15th of last year. The patent describes a piece of software in the works that would make it easier for non-programmers to develop iOS applications.

According to AppleInsider:

“Creating these [iOS] applications would be a simplified process in which the user could select a template for their software. From there, they would begin to fill in the pieces and build their own iOS application, webpage, or advertisement.

The filing suggests that Apple sees this new, simplified iOS software creation tool as a way that small business, in particular, could get involved in application creation. In another example, a restaurant called “The Legends of Rib” has an interactive menu on the iPhone.”

The patent bears a striking resemblance to the iBooks authoring tool released by Apple last January. Apple’s new app creation software would be free and most likely better that the services that exist now for non-programmers looking to develop apps. Current app creation services tend to have poor user interfaces and generally cost money.

There is no guarantee that Apple will ever release this to the public, but if it was, it would certainly be a huge step forward in the app world. Allowing people with little to no experience with Xcode to be able to create apps with out being bogged down by the process of finding and paying a developer to bring their idea to life would save a lot of good ideas from going to waste.

Any thoughts?

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