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Apple Censoring the Word Jailbreak in iTunes [Updated]

This isn’t completely new news but indeed interesting. We first told you about this on our Podcast last month, which you can listen to here. But I guess Apple really does hate the jailbreak community…

If you search the term in the iTunes store, you will find that instead of displaying jailbreak, it will show j********… In my opinion, this is just hilarious. It also makes me want to submit the next podcast episode with a title of  “Episode #14 – jailbreak, jailbreak, jailbreak, jailbreak”… Not only is this happening to Podcasts but all across the board. But the inconsistency of the censorship is very odd. Why some and not all?

What do you think about this censorship? I’m sure it’s an automated thing of which the word is simply on a blacklist of some sort. But do you think it’s wrong for Apple to censor the word, or any word for that matter? Or is it fair game since we are using Apple’s service and should play by their rules?

Let me know what you think in the comments…

UPDATE: According to AppleInsider (and our own verification), “the iTunes Store once again displays the word “jailbreak” without censoring it. The change applies to music and applications.”

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