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App Listings Spotted On Apple TV: Silly Error Or New Feature?

A new section has been discovered on Apple TV that showcases different apps and games for the holidays. The new “Holiday” section was notice by Mac OS Ken buried in the iTunes Store on Apple TV.

The blog notes:

… there is nothing for sale when one clicks on one of these tiles, nor is there even anything displayed (and inexplicably nothing under the tile for “A Celtic Christmas” either). And yet it sure seems as if Apple has plans for apps for Apple TV very soon. How popular will “Holiday Cooking Apps” be 16 days from now?

The section can currently be found by navigating to Movies -> Genres -> Classics -> Holiday Music, Movies, and More. This is more than likely an error and Apple is serving the wrong banners to Apple TV. Trust me, I’d love to see apps on Apple TV, but why haven’t we heard anything about it until now?

In the last Apple TV update, we were given the ability to rearrange the stock apps. Is this what Apple intended or just made a silly mistake?

Source: Mac OS Ken via MacRumors

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