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All Exploits Needed for iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Are Found!

Good news everyone. This morning Pod2G took to his Twitter account to share some good news with the Jailbreak community…

Now this doesn’t mean that we will see any Jailbreak tool released tomorrow. And he also didn’t specify if this would be untethered, or for a5X or what… So there are a lot of things unclear at this moment. But I’m assuming he is speaking about the A5X.

Chpwn also tweeted:

So lets all have some patience, and hopefully we’ll see a Jailbreak soon! Just because exploits are found, does not mean the actual jailbreak exists, as noted by Chpwn:

I’m just reminding you that this is progress, not the final result. Work continues. 🙂

But all of this is definitely a big step in the right direction!

Anyone excited?

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  • http://adsf Kenny G

    Towards the end, “Let’s all have some patients”


    But anyways, great to see some progress made, thought the devs might be sleeping.

    • http://www.macmixing.com Dom

      LOL we need to hire you as an editor haha. I seem slip on those two. Thanks. And yes it is definitely awesome to see a little more progress made. 🙂

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