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What is the New iPad Screen Going To Look Like?

As many of you have probably already heard there is a rumor going around that Apple plans to reveal the iPad 3 next month.  There is a second rumor that the new iPad will be employing Retina Display technology which will give the screen a much higher resolution.  The original iPad and iPad 2 stuff 1024×768 pixels which equals a density of 132 pixels per inch all in a 9.7 inch display.  If the rumors are true the Retina Display in the iPad 3 would most likely double the pixel density to 264 pixels per inch all while maintaining the 9.7 inch display.  That’s Crazy!

It seems almost impossible to pull that off.

A fellow blogger and Apple enthusiast Chris Koerner created a chart to better illustrate what we are talking about here…


That is a ton of pixels.  That means you can watch a full resolution HD movie and still have a huge portion of the screen empty. Insane!

Do you think the iPad 3 can carry that kind of resolution on a 9.7 inch screen?


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