Macworld | iWorld 2012 – Opena Case / QuadLock – Bottle Opener Case and Bike Mount Case

Opena Case is a pretty unique case that allows you to open a bottle using your iPhone. This case had a slide out attachment that is a solid piece of metal with a bottle opener on the end.

This can be quite useful if you’ve ever had a bottle of coke or a beverage and you needed a bottle opener. The case itself is pretty legit offering not only protection but a fun aspect that can be a good conversation starter. QuadLock is another innovation that takes more of a “healthier” approach allowing you to dock your iPhone on your bike while riding. Just don’t crash or you may hurt your iPhone. Both of these products are pretty new and QuadLock is still in the development phase.

For more information about QuadLock visit and to find out more about Opena Case visit

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