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The iPad 3 Doesn’t Have a Home Button

Apple has just sent out invitations to their special event next week which will almost surely include the unveiling of the iPad 3.  But is there something missing?

Readers have been pointing out that there is something missing on the imagery of the iPad inspired invitation that Apple sent out this morning.  The iPad 3 pictured on the invitation is especially sharp and smooth just like the expected retina display for the device would suggest, but there is no home button in sight.  Apple has been messing around with the idea of an iPad without a home button for some time now.  In fact, there were rumors swirling around that the iPad 2 would be released without a home button last year.

It seems that Apple is actually following in Google’s footsteps this time.  Google has already moved to software-only on-screen controls on their devices and it looks as if Cupertino is doing the same.

It does make perfect sense though doesn’t it? Apple adopted the less is more motto a long time ago, and the removal of a home button on the iPad 3 is just one more way to simplify the already sleek design of the third generation Apple tablet.

Do you like the idea of an iPad without a home button?

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