The ’90s is Back! With a Flip Phone Inspired iPhone Case

Some of us are all too familiar with old school flip phones that rocked the ’90s. They were ugly, bulky, and lacked all of the functionality we are used to in smart phones today. Well guess what? They’re back!

You can turn your sleek and functional iPhone into an ugly yet awesome piece of history. ThumbsUp! has responded to the popularity of the ’80s Retro iPhone case they created last year with this bulky beauty!

The ’90s inspired phone case is sure to turn heads. Possibly only because people may think you have such an outdated old school phone. But the secret’s inside. The Flip Phone case will keep your iPhone protected from all sides and make it very difficult to fit in a pocket. In my opinion all those characteristics equal an awesome phone case.

As ironic as it may be sticking your iPhone 4S / 4 into a bulky “non-functional” style case, this case is actually more advanced than even the real phones of the ’90s were. It comes complete with a working speaker in the “lid”, and also has a functional standby button.

The 90s iPhone case will be available this Fall from ThumbsUp!

What do you think of this iPhone case?

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