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Springtomize 2 – The Ultimate Cydia Tweak, to the MAX!

I recently unlocked my iPhone to a plethora of new features as I began my search of an Apple world unexplored by many people. Some people don’t jailbreak because they feel their iPhone is perfect and would not change a thing, others because they just don’t see the point of it. Well, I am here to explain why Jailbreaking is truly one of the greatest features of owning an iPhone. One word, Customization!

For all those Apple fans that wish they could break away from the norm, there is a great application in the Cydia market for customizing your iPhone, making it truly one of a kind. I found Springtomize 2 to be one of the best for modding your settings/user interface. Now keep in mind, this application is NOT free and will set you back $2.99, but I can honestly say  it is well worth every penny.

This app includes OVER 100 different customization effects in one application. Though time doesn’t permit me to list them all here, I’ll go into detail on some of my favorites!

With this application you can change animation effects such as the speed, making it appear much faster than any other iPhone out there. You can also modify the iPhone to a slow motion effect, (though I don’t recommend this, it can become quite a nuisance). And one of my favorite effects, the ability to change the screenshot flash color. And there is one more setting that is a little hard to explain. The ability to have your display shut off like an old school television when locking it.

You might also want to change the dock around a little. With Springtomize 2, you can add up to ten items into your dock. (I recommend applying the ‘Hide Labels’ feature when adding more than six because the labels might overlap with each other.) If that isn’t quite what you were looking for, don’t worry, there is more customizing to the dock, such as hiding the reflection of apps, or even the entire dock itself.

How about that lockscreen you say, have no fear… Annoyed with having to double click the home button for the camera? You can have the camera always appear. Or maybe you are annoyed with the “slide to unlock” label, you can change it!

There are also Many ways to mod your icons! You can Lock applications to be unmovable,  disable badges on all apps without having to select each one and probably the coolest icon feature, resize them! If that wasn’t enough, you may also consider disabling the labels, the jittering when moving apps or the apps all together! With Springtomize 2 you can hide all icons. I Know that many other apps can do this for free such as SB Settings, but hey, this is included for your convenience. One other setting I would like to note is for those little dots right above your dock. Yes, you can hide them with Springtomize 2.

When I was checking out the folders options I found something real notable. By enabling ‘Hide Preview’, and ‘Hide Background’ you can have the labels floating over your background. And you can even take it a step further by utilizing the ‘Hide Labels’ and Poof! Nothing but background. Note: This does NOT mean you can’t access your folders, it DOES mean they are invisible! That is until you open them.  Along with that, you could also add another column to your folder allowing you to ADD THREE MORE APPS! This is perfect for those who may think 12 just wasn’t enough.

Lastly, I would like to mention the ‘Time Machine’. Say you messed with something you shouldn’t have, well, the wonderful creators of Springtomize 2 have given the ability to backup and restore your device settings, on your device. The best part about ‘Time Machine’, It can be done automatically!

With all of these settings and many many more at your fingertips it is a wonder why apple won’t allow them to be standard. Though, thanks to FilippoBiga and Jailbreaking, they can be!


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