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[Review] uNu EcoPak iPhone 5 Battery Case

Battery life is pretty great on the iPhone 5, but it’s still easily drained with heavy usage. Battery cases are essential to keep your iPhone operating all day long. Thanks to uNu, a new battery case is available for the iPhone 5, but not without a small caveat.

Overall, the uNu EcoPak is a very functional battery case. There’s two parts to the EcoPak case. The first part is a snap-on case for the iPhone 5. By itself, the snap-on case is a completely functional and semi-protective iPhone case. When you’re device needs more juice, attach the EcoPak battery and you’re good to go … well almost.

The only downside to the EcoPak is the need for a separate cable. Attaching the EcoPak battery to the back of its snap-on case partner will not charge your iPhone 5. You’ll need to make sure you have a Lightning cable available or a short USB to micro USB cable with the Lightning to micro USB adapter attached.

Now before you get upset about this, there are a few things you should know. Apple has just recently started officially certifying the use of Lightning connectors on third-party products. The only companies I know of at the moment with an official “okay” from Apple are Griffin and Belkin. Sure, uNu could have used some crummy knock-off Lightning connector to make a battery case like some other subpar solutions, but they have a higher standard which ultimately benefits the consumer.

The EcoPak features a 2500mAh battery, multi-device swappable eco-friendly design, and 8 colorful snap-on case options (only one case comes with the EcoPak bundle). This case will more than double the battery life of your iPhone 5.

Check out my video review below:


The Ecopak’s design is great. I love the removable battery because it allows you to keep a slim profile on the iPhone 5, but add the extra battery power when you need it most. Also, the battery pack isn’t just for an iPhone. It can be used to charge almost any device via the USB port on the bottom.


Like I said above, this case does require a Lightning cable or micro USB cable with the Lightning adapter to function. While that’s not exactly uNu’s fault, it’s still a notable concern that some people may have.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, this seems to be the best battery case solution that I’ve encountered for the iPhone 5. While I’m sure other battery cases will arrive on the market once Apple opens up Lightning certification to more companies, the EcoPak can still hold strong due to its multi-device charging compatibility. Sure it’s a great iPhone 5 battery case, but it’s also on-the-go power for any other USB rechargeable device.

The uNu EcoPak will set you back $79.95, but uNu wants to save you some money. If you head over to their new ECO-Recycling page, you may be qualified to pick up this case for only $19.95. If you recycle your old battery case or qualifying battery product, uNu will slash the price on the EcoPak. Head over to the uNu website for more information.

If you’d like to purchase the EcoPak, head on over to Amazon and find out more information.

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