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[Review] UNU Exera Battery Case For iPhone 4S / 4

Recently UNU sent out their brand new Exera Battery Case for iPhone 4S / 4. This little case packs a whole lot of function and personalization. I can definitely say It’s one of my favorite iPhone battery cases to date…

Check out the video!

The great part about the Exera is everything is interchangeable. You can swap out every component from this case with one of another color to create your own personalized protective battery case. Even the battery is interchangeable!

All in all the Exera case comes with 5 separate pieces, which work in conjunction with each other. The Exera can be a battery case when you need it, or a slim sleek case when you don’t want all the bulk.

The main feature of the Exra is that it will literally double your iPhone’s battery life. The removable battery has a capacity of 1700mAh. Being swappable, you can literally have extras (sold separately) available to supply your phone with technically endless battery life without the need of an outlet.

The case makes it super easy to remove your iPhone when you need to, but also provides rugged protection all the way around. It even includes a screen protector. Despite it’s super protective design, no features of the iPhone are excluded. You can even sync and charge your iPhone right through the case with the supplied micro USB cable.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this case. It’s affordable, running only $79.95 with free shipping. There’s 8 different bumper colors to choose from or buy additionally, and the backplates are available in either white or black.

For more information on the Exera Battery Case check it out here.

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