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[Review] Google Chromecast: Overview, Setup, And Demo

Google Chromecast is a streaming device for your TV that was just launched a few days ago. This little device will allow  you to stream YouTube, Netflix, and just about anything from inside of a Chrome browser to your TV from a Mac, PC, iOS/Android device. Check out my setup and overview video.

Overall, I think Chromecast is an excellent deal for the price. The stream YouTube quality was just “okay,” but it was definitely watchable. My favorite feature is beaming your Web content to a TV. You can beam an individual tab within Chrome straight to your TV. Then, you’ll be able to continue doing other stuff on your computer within disrupting Chromecast’s feed. In my opinion, this feature is much better than AirPlay mirroring on a Mac. Other than that unique feature, Chromecast is just a cheaper alternative to an Apple TV or Roku, but with way less available content at the moment.

Currently, Google Chromecast is available for $35, but sold out pretty much everywhere. You can try your luck here on Amazon or via Best Buy. They will probably have them in stock within the coming weeks.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]
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