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[Review] cellhelmet For iPhone 4S / 4 – Accidental Damage Coverage In A Case

Have you ever dropped your iPhone, cracked the front or back and ended up paying costly repairs? iPhone parts aren’t cheap, and you have to pay out of pocket. The cellhelmet case aims to fix this problem and keep your pocket happy…

The cellhelmet case is the worlds first and only iPhone case that packs accidental damage coverage. Your iPhone is all-around protected for one full year from cracks, scratches, dings, drops, pretty much everything you can think of except water damage. We initially told you about cellhelmet when it made a debut on back in February.

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cellhelmet Overview:

  • Includes 1 full year of accidental damage coverage for iPhone 4/4S (water damage excluded).
  • Fits all new, used, unlocked & jailbroken iPhone 4/4S’s – US & Canadian residents only.
  • Eliminates the need for monthly insurance premiums.
  • Includes 2 interchangeable backplates.
  • Unlimited repairs. One replacement.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Free domestic shipping

Once you’ve purchased the cellhelmet case you must register it within 30 days to activate your accidental coverage. Each claim requires you to pay a $50 handling fee, but that will more than likely be much less than the actual repair and definitely less than a replacement. The case has 3-layer protection including the accidental coverage, a “dense polyurethane rubber (TPU),” and interchangeable backplates to protect the back glass of your iPhone.

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Overall this case is a brilliant idea. There’s not much to hate about it. You get accidental coverage for a full year at $44.99, which actually ends up being almost half the price of the insurance I pay (paid) Verizon. Aside from the accidental coverage, the rubbery case does actually provide a decent amount of protection itself. It’s an epic win if you’re looking for an iPhone case.


The only couple things I can actually dislike about cellhelmet from an outside perspective is the medium protection (of the case), and the lack of support outside the US and Canada. The case is obviously nothing similar to those protective cases with a sea-like creature name. But honestly the medium protection it provides along with the accidental coverage is a far better deal. As far as the US and Canada limited support goes, I’m sure there’s some legal mumbo jumbo that goes along with that.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a protective case, sure you can find one more protective, but none of them well cover your dings, drops, and irresponsibility like cellhelmet. At $44.99 with one replacement and unlimited repairs it’s one heck of a deal and will also save you money on your monthly iPhone bill.

For more information on cellhelmet visit CellPig’s website

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