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[Review] BodyDock – Magnetic Docking System for iPhone 4S / 4

BodyDock is a magnetic docking system for your iPhone 4S / 4. The system allows you to magnetically dock your iPhone to yourself, inside a car, or around your home or office.

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The concept is very simple actually. A magnet “docks” your iPhone to the various accessories of the kit. Overall I found the BodyDock system to be pretty reliable. We originally caught up with BodyDock at MacWorld 2012. Full Review Below.

The Case

The iPhone case itself is very rugged. Almost too rugged for some but nonetheless very protective of your iPhone. It’s made from tough plastic with outer rubber bumpers and rubber “nubs” on the backside. I found the case to be extremely protective, though it is kind of difficult to get your iPhone in and out of the case. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

The case is more than just a case for the BodyDock system. It has a backside kickstand that supports portrait or landscape viewing, a chrome plated mirror to check yourself out in, and an Anti-Glare photo lens cutout. The cutout almost works as a lens hood for your iPhone’s camera. the Bodydock case comes in Black, White, and Pink.

The Docks

BodyDock’s magnetic system includes various methods for “docking” your iPhone. I had the opportunity to check out the “Bronze Edition Kit.” This kit includes 1 Fabric Sweet Spot Set, and 1 All-Around Sweet Spot.

The Fabric Sweet Spot allows you to dock your iPhone right on the outside (or inside) of a jacket, shirt, pants, you name it. The magnet clips together from two pieces, in which exposes a magnetic side to use with the BodyDock case.

The All-Around Sweet Spot is a bit more intrusive. This docking component has a rugged 3M-like tape side that allows you to permanently fasten the Sweet Spot to a location of your choice. Perfect for around the house, office, or in your car. I personally don’t get kicks from anything that has to “stick” to something. But I can see the general usability with the dock.

Aside from the Sweet Spot docks, you also a protective screen bezel that stick to the front of your iPhone adding another additional layer of protection. It’s also complimented by a cleaning cloth and some Alcohol swabs to clean up your iPhone before application.

The entire “Bronze Edition” includes:

  • 1- Cellphone Armor (Black, White or Pink)
  • 1- Protective Screen Bezel (Black, White or Pink)
  • 1- Fabric Sweet Spot Docking Magnet Set
  • 1- All-Around Sweet Spot Docking Magnets
  • 1- Cleaning Cloth and Alcohol Swabs

Finishing up

Overall I found the BodyDock system to meet the quality of its $59.95 price tag. The other half of me wishes there was an additional selection of cases for those who do not wish for such a rugged case. But like I said, the tough case it comes with is definitely a plus to add major protection to your iPhone.

It’s a great value and really darn useful in certain situations. You can check out the BodyDock system over at BodyDock’s website.

What do you think?

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