iOS 5 – New Features / Tips – Top Ten Game Apps – Dom’s Best App Store Top 10 Picks

So yesterday I bought you my top ten pick for iPhone Apps, and today as promised here is my Top 10 Picks for iDevice Games. Some of these games come in an iPad version , some are native to the Retina display but all of them will ROCK you socks off. Well Personally I love ll these games. Now only a few of these are free, but I promise you the one’s that aren’t are totally worth the money, (granted your into that kinda thing). These are games spanning from Strategy to Action and ALL for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Still once again my TOP favorite game to play is Call of Duty Zombies, but I’m a nerd… I hope this can maybe help some of you decide on some wicked cool games to download from the App Store!

Any other games that you enjoy?

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