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iMAME FREE Arcade Emulator – How to Install ROMs on iMAME – for iPhone / iPod / iPad – NO JAILBREAK [Update: Pulled]

Today I found out about a little AppStore Gem called iMAME! This is an Arcade Emulator for iOS devices! It’s pretty unique in the sense that it will allow you to add different “roms” on your iDevice and play them as you would on your favorite arcade console you own… iMAME has a good chance of not making it for long on the AppStore so go get it while you can. If you want to know how to install different roms for the app I have created this tutorial for you. If you don’t feel like watching the video I wrote out a quick example as well.


Also Check the link below to find a cool place you can download roms YOU OWN and install them on your device.



1. First Download iMame – App Store link

 iMAME has since been pulled from the AppStore



2. Download iExplorer for Mac or Windows (if you must ughh.. lol) – iExplorer Link



3. Connect your iDevice with your 30pin USB cable and open iExplorer

4. Navigate to device > apps > imame > documents.

5. Drag your “.zip” rom files into the apps/imame/documents folder.



That’s it guys… Just restart iMAME or refresh the ROM list as I demonstrated in the video above.


This link here will take you to a page where you will be able to find different classic roms and install them. Remember only install and download roms in which you currently own the original game/console for.


Thanks again guys!


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