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iOS 5 – New Features / Tips – How to Change your iMessage Name / Caller ID – iMessage Tutorial

So I have had many people ask me what I see when they iMessage me and it’s always either their Phone number or their Email Address. So the next question always is, “How do I change what people see?” Well here is the answer to that! This will allow you to change the way people see who is sending them an iMessage. If your unsure what I mean by this, don’t worry keep watching and you’ll understand. iMessage will only work with other iOS 5 users but if you would rather have someone see your email address (only email addresses for iPad and iPod users…) or your phone number you can set that up by watching this video. Thanks again. Hope this helps!

UPDATE: Apparently this does NOT work on the 3GS Running iOS 5. It’s been mentioned by a couple people (See comments below). Thanks for that update guys!

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