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Greatly Enhance The Sound Of Your Device With SoundJaw Unlimited!

Back in January we had a small interview with Matthew, the creator of SoundJaw at Macworld 2012. The innovative product began as a Kickstarter project. It gave you the ability to greatly enhance your iPad’s sound by simply snapping on a small “cupping” clip to the bottom of your iPad. Not too long ago I received an email from Matthew about his newest invention, SoundJaw Unlimited. Not only does this work with the iPad but also tons of other electronic devices.

Check out the video!

The idea is pretty simple, but that’s the best part. Nothing complex to connect or install. SoundJaw Unlimited just works. Like it’s little brother, SoundJaw Unlimited is on Kickstarter now. You can contribute to help bring the product to market and receive some perks for doing so!

The best thing about SoundJaw Unlimited is that it works with virtually any smartphone or tablet. Of course us here at macmixing.com prefer iPhones and iPads, but with SoundJaw Unlimited it opens the door of enhanced sound to any other device you may have!

According to the SoundJaw Unlimited Kickstarter page:

The SoundJaw’s patent pending design works great with iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and much more! It also has no problems going over cases.

Here’s the video…

Overall it looks pretty legit and we’re certainly excited to see this take off and everything looks like it’s going to plan. The Kickstarter project has received over $17,000 in funding, a whopping $10,000 plus some above the original goal!

It looks like this is off to a great start, but there’s still 28 days left to contribute and get those special Kickstarter perks you normally wouldn’t get from a standard online or in-store purchase. Check out SoundJaw Unlimited here!

What do you think about SoundJaw Unlimited?

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