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GamePad Review / Demo by 60Beat – iOS Console Style Gaming Controller

The 60Beat GamePad is quite an innovative device. This is a console style iOS game controller meant to help you sleep better at night knowing you don’t have to use touch controls anymore. This device was just released and has been quite the talk lately. 60Beat sent us over a GamePad to check out and honestly it’s pretty cool. Now I know you may think that it’s not worth it because of a lack of compatible games, but let me tell you, it’s on it’s way with compatibility and soon when this thing catches on it will take iOS gaming by storm! The GamePad really feels comfortable, like a normal controller, and is super simple to setup. Just literally plug it in and enable within the game and your done. The on screen controls disappear making your screen “real estate” expand to a more playable dimension. 60Beat’s crafting of the GamePad is amazing. It has the same build quality to a regular console controller! It also consumes no extra battery life being plugged in to your headphone jack.

This is a pretty amazing setup and will allow mobile gaming to make a big step pretty soon! 60Beat says many more games will be compatible come next month. So if you’re a skeptic once you start seeing your favorite iOS games becoming compatible with GamePad, get on the train or get left behind! GamePad currently retails for $49.99. Check out the link below for more information!

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