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Traktor PRO on iPad! FREE TouchOSC Layout / Template

Recently I have came across a couple really cool iPad / iPhone / iPod apps to literally become virtual DJ controllers for Traktor and other popular DJ programs for Mac OSX and Windows. Of course being “MacMixing.com” I probably wont dig into the Windows side of things anytime soon.

I first started using Traktor about 2 years ago. Being a music production guy, this seemed like a fun hobby right up my alley. I have used many physical “DJ Controllers” including the NuMark MixTrack Pro, but when I saw these apps I just had to give them a chance.

The first app I have came to LOVE is TouchOSC. This app works GREAT with Traktor and is completely customizable for many other production programs. You can literally put together your own CUSTOM interface for this app and route the midi mapping however you want to get an extremely comfortable interface to work with.

Being an avid Traktor user I had to create my own layout for this app.

Below is my layout I named “MacMix3R”.




I set this up to take advantage of all the basic Traktor functionalities. Here is a quick rundown of the features:

  • Seek Position Bars
  • Jog / Tempo Bars
  • Large “Jog Wheels”
  • FX Amount Faders ( because I hate Rotery knobs.) or your own Custom mapped faders.
  • 3 Hot Cues per Deck
  • X-Fader
  • Master Volume levels
  • Deck Levels
  • Level meters for each Deck
  • Loop In and Out Cue Buttons ( Second row of buttons below the FX Faders

As you can see it’s a very basic layout but honestly does everything I need it to, and hopefully it will work for you. Below is a link so you can download this TouchOSC layout. I have also included the Traktor TSI files I mapped out (quickly) for this app. It could use a couple more LED outputs but it gets the job done!




To load the layout into Touch OSC on your iPad, just connect your iPad to iTunes, Click on the “Apps” section, scroll down to File Sharing, Select TouchOSC and click on the button below to add the layout file.

Click on the Link to Download this Layout and the TSI mapping for Traktor:



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