Creating a vocal Harmony with Melodyne – Pro Tools Tutorial

Create great harmonies in perfect tune with Melodyne! In this Melodyne tutorial I will show you how create artificial harmonies. Making Harmonies with Melodyne is super easy to do and sounds great in comparison to actual recorded harmonies. Melodyne is a great tool for songwriters and musicians young and old! I am using Melodyne with it’s bridge plugin through Pro Tools 9. Learn these simple techniques will give any vocal a nice polished sound.

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  • Roger Johnson

    Hello Dom gr8 article was a massive help 4 me to brush up on melodyne as ive not used it for a while.
    Anyway i was hoping you could help me?

    I have a vocal that i need to change from D major to B minor,ive been trying to do it but for some reason i get it wrong can you please help on this issue plz.


    Keep up the sterling work.

    • Dom Esposito

      So what happens when you grad the vocal to the scale set in Melodyne?

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