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Fostex PM0.4n Review – Professional Studio Monitors – Recording and Audio

This last weekend I had a chance to check out the Fostex PM0.4n. These are high-end studio monitors by Fostex. These little guys are quite impressive actually. They have a total power consumption of 40 watts with 4-inch cones, and 6/8-inch tweeters. The quality and build of these monitors are EXCELLENT. They are heavy duty and don’t feel cheap whatsoever.

Like I mention in the unboxing video below, they are very comparable in build to my Yamaha HS80’s, which run almost double the price of these for a single monitor.

Another great thing about these monitors is that they come in 5 different colors. While that isn’t important for sound, I think it’s a great feature that gives them style as well as quality.

I had some time to do various sound tests on these monitors comparing them to the HS80’s and they definitely held their own. While they lack in bass in some areas, they are certainly just as transparent. Fostex also sells a sub in this series that will help you regain the bass loss. I did a few mixes with the monitors, and then A/B’d them with the Yamahas and the PM0.4n’s held up in comparison.  The frequency response is great ranging from 60Hz to 30kHz. As a standard they are also wall mountable with compatible brackets (sold separately).  For being smaller monitors they sure can crank up pretty loud

Overall these are great for any producer/engineer new or experienced. They offer great sound quality and clarity at an unbeatable price retailing at 189-199 a pair! Bottom line is that if you need some great transparent monitors for your studio, or travel rig, the PM0.4n’s are definitely the way to go.


Check out the unboxing Video below!


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  • T

    This review is useful to me. 🙂

  • chris g tucker

    I saw your video on you tube, and came here to read your review.
    Based on your review, I found a pair of PMO.5 Fostex here in Tampa.
    They have very clean sound, and the price was reasonable, not though the roof.

    • Dom

      glad I could help you!

  • Letti

    I am a producer/audio engineer/musician. I just bought these monitors for my home studio based on your review. They are very well made and have excellent tonal quality for such a low price. Thanks for the review!!

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