[Concept] Apple’s 30-Pin to 9-Pin Dock Adapter

With rumors of a mini dock connector on the new iPhone, some of us can only worry about all the 30-pin accessories we already have. Will these old 30-pin accessories be useless? Probably not…

Apple is known for loving to sell us things. I won’t be shocked at all if Cupertino cooks up an adapter for the mini dock connector to make it 30-pin compatible. If this happens, you can be on it running between $20 and $30.

The wonderful folks over at Mela Tech Blog decided to put together a concept of what said adapter would look like. The concept is spot-on in my opinion. The new iPhone is rumored to have a headphone jack on the bottom and having a 30-pin adapter would allow not only the audio jack to pass through, but will also provide stability when docked.

This concept is completely logical and realistic, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see something similar come September when the new iPhone is expected to be released.

What do you think?

Source: Mela Tech Blog

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