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[Concept] A Familiar Imagining Of The iPhone 5

We’ve seen one too many leaked iPhone 5 photos over the past couple months along with many other recreation mockups of Apple’s rumored next generation iPhone. The new iPhone is rumored to sport the same design as the current one but with a two-toned back. I wasn’t too thrilled about the backside until I saw this new concept rendering…

It’s safe to say that this mockup is beautiful. Created by Martin Hajek, this concept makes the iPhone 5 look amazing. As for that two-toned back, based on these images I give it a five star rating. There’s absolutely nothing undesirable about this iPhone, should it turn out this way.

Many rumored / leaked photos point to a design like this and this isn’t the first mockup we’ve seen but it’s definitely the prettiest. The attention to detail is perfect, down to the website layout above. We won’t know for sure what the new iPhone will look like until the fall but if it’s anything like the design, Apple has my money. Now shut up and take it!

If you want your own virtual iPhone 5 model, Hajek is selling copies of his model for use in your own 3D rendering software. At only $50, it’s just a forth of the price of a REAL on-contract iPhone.  Totally worth it if you want a 3D iPhone to play around with.

What do you think?

Source: Martin Hajek via Cult of Mac

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