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Attention All Parents: Your Kid May Want An iPad For The Holidays

If you’ve been delaying your holiday shopping because you can’t seem to figure out what your kid wants, skip the thought process and hear to an Apple Store. Apparently kids want an iPad more than anything else this year.

Hopefully your kids have been good this year, because their wishful thinking will set you back $499. That’s right, kids ages six through 12 want an iPad 4 for the holidays. They don’t want an iPad mini which would make sense for a small child or preteen. Nope, they want the full-blown fourth generation iPad.

From Nielsen’s report:

Approximately half the children surveyed expressed interest in the full-sized iPad (up from 44% last year), and 36 percent in the new iPad Mini. The iPod Touch and iPhone are also coveted devices among these young consumers (36% and 33%, respectively).  Kids are also likely to ask for dedicated gaming hardware this holiday, with 39 percent excited to own Nintendo’s just-released console offering, Wii U, and 29 percent indicating they want a device from that company’s portable DS family.

Think about it like this, if you do buy them an iPad for the holidays, you’ll never have to hear “I’m bored” again. With hundreds of thousands of apps available in the App Store, they’ll have plenty of things to do. Also, look on the bright side, if they want to download a game for $4.99, you’ll have more leverage to get them to do some good old chores.

Source: Nielsen via Cult of Mac

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